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Factors To Consider When Giving A Gift

Gift giving may not be as easy as it sounds. It’s not about simply running to the gift store and grabbing the first thing you see, rather it would be appreciated if you put some serious thought into it. A gift given carelessly will end up inside a cupboard, being of no use to any. Getting the right gift is an art as you will have to put yourself in the recipient’s shoes and figure exactly what he or she would want. It might take some time to master, however it doesn’t hurt to start the process right away. So here are some things you need to consider when buying an awesome gift.

Occasion and person

You can’t gift Christmas hampers at a graduation party. You need to identify the right gift for the right occasion. Think of what the recipient might want most and what he or she would like or dislike. For example, a young graduate would love a branded pen as he now is stepping out into the corporate world and would like to show off his Parker pen to his colleagues. What’s needed is to be able to match the situation with the person and find something that will be of use to him or her.

Closeness to the recipient

If you have a close relationship with the recipient, you will surely know what exactly he or she wants. Giving a specific and personalized gift such as a name necklace or an expensive watch you knew he or she wanted will make them feel special. However, if you don’t know them much but still would like to gift something good, go for a hamper. For example, you can choose new born baby hampers online and include products that you feel are good for the mother and baby both.


Of course your high school girlfriend might love a diamond ring but can you afford that? Maybe not! When you are required to buy a gift, first set aside a budget and then you can decide what to give. You can easily skip through the gift store to a section which has gifts within your price range which will save your time and energy. However, it doesn’t mean that higher the price, higher the value it brings to the recipient. Thoughtful yet not too expensive gifts can mean a lot more. DIY gifts are always appreciated if you have enough time for it. Bottom-line is, the recipient should be happy and if you can figure out a cheap way to do it, you’ve won.