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Things To Know Before Installing Fence Paling

If you are living in the countryside and you have a sizeable property in hand. You can use the ample area for constructing your house and the rest can be left as garden, farm or unused for future use. As your property is marked and you are living in a safe community. So, it doesn’t make any sense that you built a bricked wall around your property. There are many reasons that fence paling will be the better option then bricked or concrete wall.

Firstly, the fence paling will help to provide a better view of the surrounding and your property seems to be bigger than actual

In communal living, the fencing helps to promote social interaction. Neighbours can see and greet as they see each other

Whenever you want to build anything new in the property, it is always costly to remove the firm wall then fence paling

The fence paling is also very economical solution as compared to the brick wall

Fence paling can be said as near to nature solution for marking your property

But before installing redgum posts in Melbourne, there are certain things that you should always keep in mind before reaching any decisions. Usually, fencing will last for years. So, any hasty decision can be costly in terms of money and labour. So always take your time to evaluate all the parameters before going for installation of fence paling. There some specific things that you should always give a thought to all the details

Suitable wood: The selection of the wood is dependent on many factors. Firstly, you have to consider the weather in your region. Are you living in a dry or wet area? Is the temperature being high or lower throughout the year and what is the fluctuation in temperature? The weather has different effects on each type of wood, so it is always good to know the right wood for your region. Choosing the wrong wood will have a decaying effect that will reduce the life of your fence. 

Insect resistance: Certain wood has high insect infestation or they need constant care to protect them from bugs or termite. But there are many species of wood like cypress or pine, that have a natural immunity to termites and bugs. If your area has a large number of insect and bugs, then you must be selecting the wood that has natural immunity.

Budget: Wood can be an economical solution but depends on what you choose. There are certain types of woods that very expensive but they also serve the purpose well. But if you want to spend nominal budget then you have to choose wisely and make the selection based on its wood’s durability, insect resistance and long term maintained